Deus Vult – Wrath of the Northmen


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Wrath of the Nothmen is the first supplement for Burn & Loot, the historical miniatures wargaming rule system for Medieval Era.
In this book you will find a brief history of the Viking, a comprehensive map showing all the Viking’s raid, the rules you need to field your new Armies, plus new Scenarios and rules for a Campaign in the Viking period.
The Army Lists you will find in this supplement have been extensively tested, so you and your opponenet can deploy forcrs that are as balanced as possible.
This book also includes new Traits and Reactions wich, along with your skill as a player, let you relive the battles of the Dark Ages – expecially those involving Vikings. This book covers the early medieval period in western and northern Europe (a period roughly from 650AD until 1070AD).
To play this supplement you will need a copy of the Burn & Loot wargame rules.

21cm x 29cm format, 48 color pages, paperback.

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