About Us

The Dork Shop was founded by Eddie Vasicek and Shaun Wraley in 2021, although the idea was conceived many years ago. Eddie and Shaun have a vast array of knowledge on miniature painting techniques, basing, terrain building, and military history. Eddie roped Shaun into miniatures back in 1995 with Warhammer Fantasy. Over the years, Eddie and Shaun formed a deep passion for historicals, ranging from Ancients all the way to World War II.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide the wargaming community with access to miniatures not found in a typical gaming store. In addition, we love interacting with customers with questions about the products we sell.


The Dork Shop was founded because of the owner’s love for history and passion for painting. We specialize in selling 28 mm historical and fantasy miniatures you may not find in regular gaming stores. We aim to make wargame miniatures accessible to the wargaming community. We love to interact with the gaming community and answer their questions about the range of products we sell.

Creating miniature army sets and painting them is a delicate form of art. We understand the love our customers have for painting so we also aim to help them obtain paints and other supplies they need to build their own miniature figurines. We strive to be great miniature painters and have extensive knowledge about the products we sell. We are a nationwide service, so if you are located outside the Mansfield area in the United States, you can still buy our exciting range of products from our online shop. If you wish to visit our store, you can head to 717 N Holland Rd Ste 132, Mansfield. For any inquiries, suggestions, and assistance, you can also call us at 817-592-3203 or write to us at wraley@thedorkshop.net.